Who could not help but be drawn to the innocent charm of this image portraying both sides of a wonderfully exotic, ivory netsuke.

Owen has masterfully rendered a beautiful, erotic quality in this captivating interpretation of the classic form honoring the “Venus” goddess.

Expertly sculptured from the recovered tip of a Sperm whale’s tooth. Gifted during a recreational meadering along an isolated Northland beach.

Ivory Venus

Solitude and chosen isolation for the interim of visited beach envioronments assist those underlying energies to attract the bounty by which creative souls are offered the opportunity to enrich others lives with their individual vision.

A life size, anatomically accurate, kiln cast, Lead Crystal Skull with removable mandible.

Here is a positive example developed from a disaster shortly after the turn of the century. With a broken bone in the little finger and a cast from finger tips to just below the elbow all possibility went out the window of carving and sculpting stone, let alone attempting any jade carving. Unable to be productive in the normal sense of day to day activities carving jade the plastic model of a skull was bought out of the ‘to do someday box’.



In this instance no wet grinding of jade was required, the master to be… light and easily manipulated with wounded hand. The project began by gluing all parts together before the long process of bogging, filling, priming and sanding could follow. Multi coats of filler primer sprayed over the model, sanded between each, finally culminated, after many days, with a satisfactory master from which to make the ATV, silicon rubber mold. A learning process in it’s own right and one which deserves it’s own tutorial site. Should sufficient interest be expressed a site for such instruction could be set up for those desiring knowledge of mold making…… contact Donn to affirm interest.

From fruits through the seeming mishap of broken bones unexpected interest in these skulls subsequently led to the development of a one piece smaller version, roughly the size of a fist.


One of the most fascinating aspects of these cast glass skulls is the variety of color available to use, especially the dichroic examples which change dramatically between incandescent and fluro light sources.

A brief explanation of the casting process for lead crystal can be seen here



A ceramic shell, lost wax, hollow bronze casting. Voyager is a limited edition of 25 only. On the casting of number 25 all patterns and molds will be destroyed. 

    Approximate size …..   18″ x 9″ x 4″

As of this writing, July ’08, seven are on their respective global journeys, influencing the observer.


This ancient ‘Voyager’, from times of future past, entered our realm as a 45lb, jade ‘Pebble’.
Directed to this studio the shape of the raw stone dictated the unveiling of the benign entity within.

Now, as a limited edition bronze, each will be treated individually and will be unique in it’s own way.

No two the same.

Serene, black jade eyes, a quiet smile on the broad lips all imbue this being with a calm, knowing energy.
Protector, Guardian, Mentor.  Personal experience recognises this benevolent sentinel commands a powerful presence in any environment in which it attracts stewardship.


Patinated Voyager

 This early one of the family, patinated blue/green, emulating the jade feel of the original raw pebble.



Some years back (2000?) when driving on a narrow, back-country road a large rock caught my eye. It was on the road side as a partial barrier along the edge of works department activity. The first glance as we drove past struck me so intensely I had examine it. Some miles past the sighting a suitable turning point was found and I returned to have that closer inspection. Wow! It was even better than anticipated! Much too promising to leave there! With assistance from a sympathetic operator with heavy lifting gear a covert expedition was organized and a stealth party of four set off one evening to spirit the stone away and rescue it from inevitable obscurity. With much difficulty, at the limit of the Hiab hoist, it was eventually tumbled into the back of the truck and bought back to the local cafe where it has resided since. Much to the joy of the present owner at the time, who was largely instrumental in the rescue.


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