A ceramic shell, lost wax, hollow bronze casting. Voyager is a limited edition of 25 only. On the casting of number 25 all patterns and molds will be destroyed. 

    Approximate size …..   18″ x 9″ x 4″

As of this writing, July ’08, seven are on their respective global journeys, influencing the observer.


This ancient ‘Voyager’, from times of future past, entered our realm as a 45lb, jade ‘Pebble’.
Directed to this studio the shape of the raw stone dictated the unveiling of the benign entity within.

Now, as a limited edition bronze, each will be treated individually and will be unique in it’s own way.

No two the same.

Serene, black jade eyes, a quiet smile on the broad lips all imbue this being with a calm, knowing energy.
Protector, Guardian, Mentor.  Personal experience recognises this benevolent sentinel commands a powerful presence in any environment in which it attracts stewardship.


Patinated Voyager

 This early one of the family, patinated blue/green, emulating the jade feel of the original raw pebble.


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