A Unique Garden Sculpture

Hand Carved and installed by


An elegant evolution of reclaimed hardwood

giving wonderful, unexpected energies in the beautiful garden environment of native flora


Tawapou Native Nursery .

Hand Carved Eel Migration

Hand Carved Eel Migration

Hand Carved Garden Sculpture

Hand Carved Garden Sculpture

Tuna Whakaheke

“A little while ago my wife were saying I was unhealthy and I needed to do more exercise.

I decided to go walking around the farm. My first walk was along the drive of our property which was a bit too boring, the next day I decided to take a more cross country route and check out some old twisted Puriri roots and trunks which I new were lying at the bottom of a gully.

I don’t now if it was while looking at the Puriri or while crossing a swamp, or the fact that I had just recently been listening to a radio programme about eels are how they are now under huge threat and could disappear completely that I came up with the idea of the eel sculpture.

I am one of those fortunate people that can visualise what I want to make in three-dimensional pictures so then it is only a matter of setting to and doing the work to carrying out my ideas.

When Tutukaka Marina underwent a major extension 1996-97 much of the old foreshore was transformed into boat berths.

I was one of some few fortunate’s who managed to rescue the timbers from ‘The Old Fisherman’s Wharf

Entitled Tuna Whakaheke, the name given to eels when they migrate out to sea to breed, which is the last thing, they ever do in their lives.

Hand Carved Eel Sculpture.

Hand Carved Eel Sculpture.

Years later the energies evolve to carry on in this fascinating  ‘Unique Sculpture’

Hand Carved Wood Garden Sculpture.

Hand Carved Wood Garden Sculpture.

Sculpture numer two is shown HERE


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