Hand carved by Donn Salt

Flying Jade Creature.

Flying Jade Creature.

A hand carved jade Creature from the early 1970’s. The forerunner of Jade Dragons to follow. Subtle hues of the Inanga color enhance this mythical, Dragon-like jade sculpture

Hand Carved New Zealand Jade

An early depiction of a Jade Dragon Pendant carved in the latter 1970’s. Translucent New Zealand jade enhances the mystical qualities of this symbolic creature.

During the seventies extensive research into jade, attempting to glean hints on carving this wondrous stone,  was undertaken and many influences were absorbed.

The disc above is an excellent example of carving wonderfully balanced design and was the stimulous for the two dragon forms below. Both carved in the latter 1970’s

This small creature was is approximatley six inches in length.

A rich green ‘kawakawa’, perfect for fine  Hand Carved Jade

An almost blue tint shows in this rare example of nephrite from Tamworth, NSW, Australia.

From a small piece passed on as a gift which proved perfect for this design.

Hand Carved Jade Pendant

A little later, the jade pendant of a stylized ‘Dragon Wing’. Hand carved from the finest New Zealand nephrite jade of the ‘Kawakawa’ variety.

Sculptured Jade Uroboros

A leap in time and evolvement. More than two decades later, again a meticulously hand carved serpent. A New Zealand Jade, Uroboros. The eternal serpent, self devouring, perpetually regenerating, symbolizing the continuous cycle of Life and Death.
An illustrated sequence showing the carving of the Mythological Uroboros can be viewed here.

Black Jade Dragon

A recent presentation of another original interpretation revealing the eternal serpent. This time far more personal, evolved and showing evidence of a benign intelligence in the quiet smile of the familiar features. The recumbent form suggesting an inner essence of life. A quiet vitality radiating through the purity of this enigmatic, ‘Black Jade’.

Black Jade Dragon Hand Carved

An exquisite Contemporary Jade Carving from the finest Australian Black Jade recovered in the early 1970’s from the then newly discovered jade deposits at Cowell in South Australia.

The Proverbial


Hand Carved NZ jade Dragon
Hand Carved NZ jade Dragon

Finely sculpted NZ Inanga nephrite serpentine form from a hard specimen of exquisite jade Hand Carved Jade, Winged Serpent

The sense of life and intelligence portrayed in this

Unique Jade Sculpture

carved in February 2009.


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