Hand Carved Boxwood Dragon Netsuke


A wonderful, fine detailed, netsuke carving in boxwood depicting the Universal subject of the Dragon guarding the Sacred Pearl.
With examples of this quality it is no wonder contemporary New Zealand carvers are receiving international recognition exploring this fascinating art form of miniature sculpture.


Who could not help but be drawn to the innocent charm of this image portraying both sides of a wonderfully exotic, ivory netsuke.

Owen has masterfully rendered a beautiful, erotic quality in this captivating interpretation of the classic form honoring the “Venus” goddess.

Expertly sculptured from the recovered tip of a Sperm whale’s tooth. Gifted during a recreational meadering along an isolated Northland beach.

Ivory Venus

Solitude and chosen isolation for the interim of visited beach envioronments assist those underlying energies to attract the bounty by which creative souls are offered the opportunity to enrich others lives with their individual vision.

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