PhiMatrix is a graphic analysis and design tool that lets you see and apply phi proportions to any image. It overlays any other program you have on your computer, provides a variety of controls to analyze any image, and then lets you save your analyzed image to disk. It can be used for any design application your mind can conceive, whether laying out a canvas for painting, cropping a photo, creating marketing materials or designing anything from clothes to cars to furniture to buildings.

PhiMatrix software unveils the phi proportions that can be found in DNA, sea shells, plants, animals and human faces and even in the stock market. The phi relationship, 1.618:1, known as the Golden Section (also mean, proportion or ratio) and the Divine proportion, has long been used by artists, architects, designers, engineers, musicians, photographers, sculptors, surgeons and stock analysts alike to achieve excellence in their results. Now you can use it too, to analyze and better appreciate what already exists, or to create and design your own masterpieces in the same proportions that give nature its beauty, harmony and balance.

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 Bronze ‘Caduceus’ Wall Sculpture

Above is an overlay of the PhiMatrix grid pattern adjusted to the proportions of this bronze sculpture from the latter 1970’s.  The unplanned closeness to the GOLDEN MEAN of this sculpture is well illustrated by this program.
Overlay of PhiMatrix Golden Mean
Overlay of PhiMatrix Golden Mean

More on this Caduceus Sculpture can be seen here 


Sculptured Bronze Skull

PhiMatix Grid Overlay on Bronze Skull
PhiMatix Grid Overlay on Bronze Skull

What could be more evident of the Divine Proportion than a Skull ?

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